Frozen and refrigerated storage

Impeccably hygiene, quality, and food safety

As AEO and HACCP-BRC certified coldstore you can count on safe storage in our cold store, as well as the subsequent distribution.
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Frozen and refrigerated distribution

Reliable logistics partner in the food industry

You do not just give your product away: you only do that when you are dealing with a reliable logistics partner that regards your product as his product.
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Logistics from A to Z. From the first step to the last.

Conditioned storage and transhipment. From -20 to +4 °C.

Packing with NVWA requirements and NL 584 EG registration.

We can let your product cool down to -18°C within 24 to 36 hours.

Refrigerated storage with Warehouse Management System.

We daily load containers for far outside of Europe.

Daily cooled and refrigerated transport to any desired location.