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A reliable logistics partner in the food industry

You do not just give your product away: you only do that when you are dealing with a reliable logistics partner that regards your product as his product.

Transport company since 1929

Ever since its foundation in 1929, Lau van Haren has arranged for the transport for its clients in the food industry. Later on, cooled and refrigerated storage was added to our activities. Since then, Lau van Haren arranges for numerous companies the warehousing, the packing, the freezing, the order picking, and the distribution of refrigerated products.

Cooled and refrigerated storage

Because of our years’ long experience with the storage of very diverse cooled and refrigerated products, the quality care comes without saying for us.

HACCP - BRC, BIO & AEO certified

We hold impeccable hygiene very high. Not for nothing we are HACCP – BRC (storage and distribution), BIO and AEO certified.

Thanks to high-quality installations and permanent, automatic security systems, we keep your products better, safer and longer. We are there for you with passionate and skilled employees that are disciplined and flexible.

Logistics services

"That is why you choose Lau van Haren"

Among other things, our services consist of: storage, cross-docking, packing, freezing, order picking, labelling, transport and distribution. We provide our logistics services to manufacturers, traders, and end-users from the complete chain of the food industry.

Sustainable entrepreneurship

As large-scale consumer of electricity, we do everything we can to save energy.  In the past we have associated ourselves with the MJA, for instance. This is an agreement between the business community and the authorities whereby the company demonstrates by means of an annual report to save at least 2% per year on energy.

History of Lau van Haren

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