Sustainable entrepreneurship

Energy-efficient frozen storage

As large-scale consumer of electricity, we do everything we can to save energy.  In the past we have associated ourselves with the MJA, for instance. This is an agreement between the business community and the authorities whereby the company demonstrates by means of an annual report to save at least 2% per year on energy.

Various measures have contributed to the fact that we amply comply with this requirement. We recover for instance the warmth from our refrigerating installations and use this to heat floors in the rest of the building. Extra-thick insulation, self-closing doors, electronic expansion valves, and extra-large condensers all contribute to a lower energy use.

Our employees are consciously involved in these developments, and their cooperation also results in energy savings.

Refrigerating cell

The lighting in a refrigeration cell is a large consumer. We have taken various measures in order to consciously deal with this. The lighting is for instance automatically switched on when someone enters, and only at the location where the employee is. LED lighting is energy-efficient and for cold stores very effective because of the fact that it immediately products full light when started up. We also installed this type of lighting in our building.

Packing department

At the packing department we use special energy-efficient lighting that spreads the daylight type. This type of light is very natural light for people and contributes to a pleasant work place that enhances the performance.

Trucks with soot filters

Our trucks are equipped with soot filters in order to limit the emission of hazardous substances to a minimum. Our drivers have attended the training course “the new driving”, which in turn also contributes to a lower diesel use.

Reducing energy use

Developments that contribute to the further reduction of the energy use are closely followed by us. Our next generation as well as the one thereafter is also entitled to a North Pole in the freezing cell as well as a real one.

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